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март 7, 2008 | Проишествия

Scientist dies in fire

An Azerbaijani scholar was killed in a fire that took place in the Institute of Information and Technology of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences at Wednesday noon. Hajibay Sultanov was suffocated by smoke as a result of the blaze that happened in the Baku office of the Shamakhy Astrophysics Observatory located on the seventh floor of the Institute. The causes of the accident are being investigated. Academician Sultanov, 87, was the Doctor of Physico-mathematical Sciences and the h...... полностью
февраль 14, 2008 | Проишествия

Fire in mayor’s office leaves no casualty

A fire took place in the Mayor’s Office of Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, on Wednesday morning. No serious damage was caused to the building of the Mayor’s Office as a result of the fire which broke out on the fourth floor – in the corridor of the Youth and Sport Department. The blaze was extinguished in a short period with two fire-fighting vehicles involved. The fire has been caused by overload in electrical conductor. It was determined during the accident that the fire e...... полностью
декабрь 20, 2007 | Проишествия

136 killed in industrial accidents in 2007

136 people were killed, while 216 received injuries in industrial accidents across Azerbaijan in 2007, according to a report issued by the Labor Inspection on Wednesday. The report says that inspections were held in a total of 2,195 enterprises this year. Most accidents took place in the construction sector, as 68 people died, while 48 were injured as a result of 61 accidents. The activity of eight construction companies was suspended for their failure to observe labor safety rules. Late...... полностью
декабрь 19, 2007 | Проишествия

500 Azeris killed in mine blasts

500 people have died of mine explosions in Azerbaijan so far, with the total number of persons affected by the blasts reaching 3,000, an agency dealing with mine clearance has said. A great number of children are among the victims, said director of the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) Nazim Ismayilov. Ismayilov said 15 servicemen of the Azerbaijani armed forces stepped on landmines in 2007. He said estimations drawn up in accord with international experience have revea...... полностью
ноябрь 27, 2007 | Проишествия

Three killed in construction accident

Three construction workers were killed after a stone fence collapsed in Baku on Monday. The accident took place in the Narimanov district in an area close to a hospital adjacent to the newly-built substation of local BakiElektrikShebeke company managing the city’s electricity networks. One of the power grid’s died on the way to a hospital, while two others – in hospital. The law enforcers have launched a criminal case on charges of violating safety policy procedures that resulted in h...... полностью
ноябрь 2, 2007 | Проишествия

Over 50 Azeris die during construction ops in 2007

Over 50 of approximately 100 death cases registered in 2007 took place during construction operations, head of the Labor Inspection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Nabi Shukurlu, said. “Most accidents happened in construction sites as a result of the falls from height,” he told reporters. Shukurlu said that the Labor Inspection had repeatedly issued warnings over observation of safety rules and use of special belts, helmets and glasses as well as taking other measures. 25 ...... полностью
октябрь 4, 2007 | Проишествия

Two children get heavy injuries in grenade blast

Two children received heavy injuries as a result of a hand grenade explosion that took place in the Mushvigabad settlement of Baku on Wednesday morning. Ruslan Eyvazov, 12, lost half his arm, while Bahruz Hajiyev – half his leg as a result of the blast. The injured were hospitalized immediately after the accident. Splinters hit the children’s faces along with their arms and legs, a local doctor said. Hajiyev’s right arm has been amputated. The children said that they found the hand gre...... полностью
сентябрь 11, 2007 | Проишествия

11 killed in two road accidents

11 people were killed, while four received heavy injuries in two road accidents happened on Monday morning. Seven people died and another four were injured after a Ford truck collided with a Gazel bus in the country’s northwestern Yevlakh District. Most of the dead were the residents of Mingachevir city. The condition of the three injured people is critic, doctors say. Another four people were killed following the collision of Mercedes and VAZ-2106 cars on the Baku-Samakhy highway.*...... полностью
сентябрь 6, 2007 | Проишествия

Another three dead bodies recovered from building rubble

The rescue team of the Ministry of Emergencies has recovered the dead bodies of another three people trapped under the debris of the recently collapsed high-rise building under construction in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku. The dead body of crane-operator Jahan Maharramov, 43, was recovered on Tuesday night, while that of 58-year-old Rafig Huseynov - early Wednesday morning, the health ministry’s forensic examination department said. The third person, whose dead body was recovered later on the sa...... полностью
август 30, 2007 | Проишествия

Building collapse death toll rising

Four people have been detained over Tuesday’s collapse of a building in the center of Baku that killed seven persons and injured four others, law enforcement agencies said. These included general director of the Mutefekkir limited liability society Ali Muradov, engineer Asgar Aliyev, as well as two contractors, says a joint statement of the Ministries for Interior and Emergencies, and the Prosecutor General’s Office. The 15-story building collapsed on the Murtuza Mukhtarov Street in the Y...... полностью
август 27, 2007 | Проишествия

Fire in incomplete bus terminal

A fire broke out in a new bus terminal being constructed in the territory of former Motodrome [motorcycle racing track located at the entrance of Baku] on Friday afternoon. The blaze took place in the fourth sector of the terminal during welding operations, workers said. The plastic cover of the sector was fully destroyed as a result of the fire. Although firefighters came to the site late, it was possible to extinguish the fire the causes of which are not elaborated. The new bus term...... полностью
август 22, 2007 | Проишествия

Iranian citizen stabbed in Baku

An Iranian citizen was stabbed by an unknown person downtown Baku on Tuesday, Lider TV channel reported. Amiratrabi Giyasi was rushed to emergency room immediately after the incident that took place in a tourism agency located in the Nasimi district of the capital. Giyasi, who received a wound in his chest, is currently in critical condition, anesthesiologist Fatali Fataliyev said.*... читать
июль 13, 2007 | Проишествия

Blast in ex-Soviet military base kills one, injures another

A man was killed, while another received injuries in an explosion happened in the territory of the former Soviet military base in the Saloghlu village of Azerbaijan’s western Aghstafa District on Thursday morning. Two field engineers of the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Actions (ANAMA) fell victims as a result of the explosion of weaponry that took place swhile carrying out clearance operations. The ANAMA specialists are conducting an investigation in the accident site.*... читать
май 30, 2007 | Проишествия

Teen stabs classmate to death

A secondary school student from Azerbaijan’s northern Guba district murdered his classmate on Tuesday morning. The 11th-grade (senior) student in the Nughadi village, Gadir Gadirov, stabbed Taleh Shirinbayov in the upper part of his chest on the eve of the graduation party. Despite doctors’ efforts, it was impossible to save the boy’s life.*... читать
май 12, 2007 | Проишествия

Drunk driver kills policeman, injures another

A drunk driver killed a traffic police officer and injured another law enforcer in Baku on Wednesday night. Azer Zakiri, who had previous convictions, stabbed sergeant Amil Ibrahimov to death and inflicted an injury to Arif Ismayilov, police sergeant of the Sabayil district police department. The dispute arose after the police officers stopped him for speeding on the central Nizami street and inspected his documents. The interior ministry has confirmed the report. The outlaw was arrested s...... полностью
май 2, 2007 | Проишествия

Fire at Border Service office

A fire broke out at the head office of the State Border Service (SBS) in the early hours on Monday. Three soldiers poisoned with smoke were rushed to the National Toxicology Center. The health condition of the soldiers, who were later moved to the hospital of the Border Troops, is satisfactory, doctors say. The blaze engulfed an area of five to six square meters. The causes of the fire are being investigated and the amount of damage estimated.*... читать
март 17, 2007 | Проишествия

Scores injured in Baku skyscraper accident

Five people were injured in a construction accident downtown Baku on Thursday afternoon. One of the hospitalized persons is in critical condition. The topside of a 21-storeyed building being constructed by the Neptun company on the intersection of the Nizami and Fikrat Amirov Streets collapsed as a result of the pouring of concrete under pressure. A special commission has been set up to investigate the causes of the accident, Deputy Minister of Emergencies Orujali Hajiyev said. A dozen passers...... полностью
март 1, 2007 | Проишествия

Snow slip kills Azeri serviceman, injures another

An Azerbaijani serviceman died and another one was injured in a snow slip on Tuesday. 20-year-old sergeant Vasif Feyzullayev, who was drafted in October 2005, died on the spot, while the injured soldier was hospitalized. The accident happened while the two were repairing communication lines between security checkpoints. The Ministry of Defense confirmed the death, but provided no information about the injured soldier.*... читать
февраль 23, 2007 | Проишествия

Azeri soldiers injured in mine blast

Five Azerbaijani army soldiers were injured in a landmine explosion close to the country’s western Fuzuli district on Wednesday. The health condition of the hospitalized soldiers is serious but not life-threatening, the Defense Ministry spokesman Ramiz Malikov said. The district military prosecutor’s office has launched investigation into the incident.*... читать
февраль 15, 2007 | Проишествия

AzAL helicopter hit by fire

A fire broke out on a helicopter owned by the Azerbaijan Airlines State Concern (AzAL) on Wednesday afternoon. No casualties are reported. The engine of the MI-2 helicopter caught fire when AzAL employees were trying to start it during training in the Zabrat settlement outside the capital Baku, a source from the airline said. The blaze was put out in a short time. A special commission has been set up to investigate the causes of the accident.*... читать
январь 30, 2007 | Проишествия

Baku fire kills two, injures one

Two small children were killed and a firefighter injured in a fire that broke out in the Amirjan settlement of Baku’s Surakhany district in the early hours of Tuesday, a local TV channel reported. 39-year-old fireman Ehtiram Shikhmammadov was injured while putting out the blaze. The cause of the accident and the amount of inflicted damage are being estimated.*... читать
январь 16, 2007 | Проишествия

Vietnamese plane diverted to Baku

A Vietnamese plane made an emergency landing in Baku in the early hours on Tuesday, a local TV channel reported. The Boeing-777 plane en route from Baku to Vietnam with 290 passengers and 17 crew onboard had to land at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport due to a windshield crack. No casualties are reported. The passengers awaiting a new flight, most of whom are citizens of the United States, Britain, France, Turkey and other countries, have been provided with hotel accommodation. 150 of ...... полностью
январь 12, 2007 | Проишествия

Fire hits building downtown Baku

A fire hit a residential building in the Sabayil district of Baku on Friday afternoon. No casualties are reported. Fortunately, no one was home when the blaze broke out at 2 p.m. at a two-room apartment on the fourth floor of the building located off the Neftchilar Avenue. Although the State Fire Department is located nearby, the delivery of fire-extinguishing equipment to the site was delayed due to traffic jams. The blaze was put out by the Emergencies Ministry workers who arrived at the s...... полностью
январь 10, 2007 | Проишествия

US diplomat robbed in Baku

An employee of the US embassy was robbed in the Narimanov district of Baku on Wednesday. The acting adviser on legal affairs, David Lewis, was threatened with a knife by two unidentified individuals, who took his money and cellular phone, a local TV channel reported. The police have instituted criminal proceedings and the search for the culprits is underway.*... читать
январь 9, 2007 | Проишествия

Major market hit by fire

A fire broke out at the major Bina market located near the Heydar Aliyev International Airport of Baku on Tuesday morning. No human casualties are reported. Firefighters rushed to scene to put out the fire that burnt to ashes eight storages. The owners of the storages did not disclose the magnitude of the inflicted damage, but the goods stored there are said to be worth a total of $500,000. The trade center executives said it will be known after the accident is fully investigated whether or ...... полностью
январь 1, 2007 | Проишествия

Two killed in chemical plant blast

Two people died and five others were injured in the aftermath of an industrial accident in Azerbaijan’s third largest city, Sumgayit, on Friday evening. An explosion lit a fire at a facility of the state-owned Azerkimya company’s Synthetic Rubber Plant, according to preliminary reports. Two of the injured people, who were rushed to the city hospital, are in critical condition. Firefighters and ambulances were pulled to the site shortly after the blast. The cause of the explosion is not elabora...... полностью
декабрь 15, 2006 | Проишествия

Vast areas flooded in northern Azerbaijan

A vast area was inundated in northern Azerbaijan following an accident in the early hours on Friday. A motorway and about 40 hectares of woods in the Aghalig village of Davachi District were flooded as a result of the accident in the Khan Arkhi canal, which supplies northern districts with water used in irrigation, the district mayor’s office said. Work is underway to eliminate the aftermath of the flood. Executive officials, heads of law-enforcement agencies, as well as employees of the Emer...... полностью
декабрь 7, 2006 | Проишествия

Two Azeris killed in construction accident

Two people died and one was injured in a construction accident in the center of Baku on Friday afternoon. Mehriban Alakbarova and her daughter, Konul, died after a 140-ton lifting crane owned by Tereggi company collapsed onto a building where the two lived in the Nasimi district of the capital. A one-year old child was heavily injured. Representatives of the ministries of emergencies and internal affairs are studying the situation on the spot.*... читать
октябрь 17, 2006 | Проишествия

11 injured as roof collapses

Eleven people were injured after the roof of a car repair shop of the Caspian company located near the Baku Deepwater Jackets Factory collapsed on Tuesday morning. The injured people were rushed to the Leyla Shykhlinskaya Clinic. Some of them are in critical condition. The collapse was reportedly caused by the pouring of concrete onto the roof surface. The Garadagh district prosecutor’s office has launched investigation into the accident.*... читать
сентябрь 1, 2006 | Проишествия

23-year-old commits suicide to ‘prove feelings for his spouse’

An employee of the Senior State Special Security Department under the Azerbaijani President committed suicide in the early hours of Thursday. Sergeant Elshan Zahidov, 23, died immediately after hanging himself with a belt in front of his spouse in the Atlant recreation center in Nabran settlement of northern Khachmaz District to prove his love for his wife Saida Damirova, the latter told the police. Zahidov and his spouse, a third-year student of the Azerbaijan Medical University, got marr...... полностью
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