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NAYO's meeting with Mr. Abulfaz Qarayev_updated

aвтор: Cute
During his visit to Norway Mr. Abulfaz Qarayev, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan met with the active members of the Norwegian Azerbaijanis’ Youth Organization (NAYO) in Oslo . Ramil Aliyev( President of NAYO) made a broad presentation about the organization (about the goals, objectives, members, recourses, etc. of the organization) to Mr. Qarayev and talked about the projects realized by the NAYO up till now.

Mr. Abulfaz Qarayev especially interested in future plans and projects of the organization and possible cooperation between the NAYO and ministries. Ramil Aliyev and the other members of organization mentioned that there is a great need for the "Azerbaijan (Cultural) House" in Norway . Accordingly, NAYO today works on establishing Azerbaijani House in Oslo where the exhibition of Azerbaijan, library, language and dance courses, Women’s’ club, TV, computer, seminar and meeting rooms, etc. will be serving to Azerbaijani minority in Norway as well as to rising awareness about Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijanis in Norway.

Mr. Abulfaz Qarayev supported the idea of "Azerbaijan House"in Oslo and promised a decisive help and support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to this project. He also agreed to send three or four singers to NAYO’s projects in Norway till the end of this year.

The meeting was very interesting and with full of constructive ideas.

Mr. Abulfaz Qarayev at the end expressed his profuse gratitude to NAYO members for their being active, organized and energetic, and for taking an initiative to make this interesting meeting happen.
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