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About site: Baku Pages - International Community of Bakunians


Baku Pages is committed to goal to unite bakunians regardless of their location, nationality, ect. We are devoted to our endeavor to keep the traditions of our ancestors, which created this unique city and unique culture. We do a lot to advocate the culture of Baku in both English and Russian. All in order to unite bakunians in immigration.

We hope, that when you visit our website, you will leave behind everything which has divided us, as well as everything negative and shameful. We remember our past, believe in our present, and look with hope to the future.

DISCLAIMER: This site is private nonpolitical project and does not express view or opinions of any political or government organization and not supported by them. Opinions posted on the site do not necessarily represent the opinion of Baku Pages team or its administrations.

BakuPages.com team

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Phone: + 1 (949) 385-0773
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BakuPages.com history

  • 1998 - BakuPages.com founded by Vadim Derkach with assistance of Julia Shukurova and support from Chris Abili and Jamal Balametov.
  • 1999 - BakuPages.com was awarded with Humay National Public Award for the best informational project in popularization of Azerbaijan around the world for 1998.
  • 2000 - Vadim Derkach became sole owner of BakuPages.com. Russian language mirror of BakuPages http://www.baku.ru launched. BakuPages.com was stated to be non-profit site of International Community of Bakunians.
  • 2001 - New version of Baku Pages went life. Multiple on-line services were established.
  • 2003 - BakuPages.com became available under alias http://www.baku.us.

Baku Pages team 1998 at Humay

BakuPages.com team and Humay-1998. From left to right: Jamal Balametov, Julia Shukurova, Vadim Derkach

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ОТКАЗ ОТ ОТВЕТСТВЕННОСТИ: BakuPages.com (Baku.ru) не несет ответственности за содержимое этой страницы. Все товарные знаки и торговые марки, упомянутые на этой странице, а также названия продуктов и предприятий, сайтов, изданий и газет, являются собственностью их владельцев.

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