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четверг, февраль 15, 2007

Azeri senior rights defender visits detained ex-ministers


Ombudsman Elmira Suleymanova visited the National Security Ministry pre-trial detention facilities on Tuesday to call on the ex-ministers of economic development and health Farhad Aliyev and Ali Insanov as well as Aliyev’s brother, former president of major AzPetrol oil company Rafig Aliyev.

The three were arrested in the run-up to the November 2005 parliamentary elections on charges of financing a coup attempt, staging mass riots, abuse of power and embezzlement.

During the meeting with the senior rights defender, the defendants said they had no complaints over violence, maltreatment or the conditions of detention. However, the ex-economic development minister complained over the slow course of investigation. He claimed the charges against him were groundless, while investigators were in violation of the law and that one of the defense lawyers has been estranged from the case without any grounds.

Both ex-ministers complained over poor health condition and requested to arrange for regular medical aid. Ex-health minister Insanov expressed hope that he would get a fair court trial.

The Ombudsman has approached the National Security Ministry to assist in the matter, but the ministry said the two have already undergone medical examinations by doctors they requested and are currently in no need of regular medical attention.*

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