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среда, март 21, 2007

Aliyev congratulates Azeris on Novruz


President Ilham Aliyev congratulated the Azerbaijani people on the occasion of the Novruz Holiday on Monday.

Aliyev said the date, which is a legacy of Azerbaijanis’ ancestors, brilliantly reflects the ancient traditions and customs. The advent of spring has been marked in Azerbaijan with special ceremonies for many years, he said.

“The holiday builds confidence for the future, generates the highest sentiments and calls on people to be more forgiving and kind,” the president’s message said.

The head of state recalled that the Novruz Holiday was marked in a low-profile way during the Soviet times and there were restrictions on these activities.

“The Azerbaijani people have always held in high esteem and protected the Novruz Holiday from alien influence throughout very challenging periods. This holiday began to be marked in Azerbaijan officially after the country gained independence [in 1991],” Aliyev said.

The president congratulated the Azerbaijani soldiers and commemorated those who fell while defending Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

He noted that Azerbaijanis living abroad mark Novruz joyously and proudly along with the citizens of independent Azerbaijan.

“The Novruz Holiday is a symbol of sincere solidarity of world Azerbaijanis that strengthens their inseparable bonds with the motherland,” President Aliyev indicated, extending his best regards to the nation.*

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