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вторник, май 8, 2007

Baku debate centers on depressive disorders


A conference on contemporary clinical aspects of bipolar (depressive) disorders was held in Baku on Saturday.

In his opening remarks, the association president, PhD in medicine, Nadir Ismayilov, said the conference aimed to bring psychiatrists together to study the causes of depressive disorders, which are frequently encountered worldwide, and to enlighten the public about such cases that have become part of everyday life.

Prof. Ismayilov, who is a full-fledged member of the International Academy of Psychiatry, said depression is largely caused by stress and tensions. Social and economic problems also play a key role in the occurrence of such disorders.

“Bipolar disorders may be caused not only by everyday routine but also problems on a larger scale. For example, the fact that our country is at war and 20% of its territory is under occupation as well as the sufferings of refugees and internally displaced persons, causes depressive disorders,” Ismayilov said.

Other speakers elaborated on the rate of bipolar disorders in society. They noted that the psychological conditions of such patients affect their family members and loved ones.

Israeli and Iranian psychiatrics experts briefed the attendees on the situation with bipolar disorders in their countries, medical services provided and methods used to treat them.

The conference was organized on the initiative of the Azerbaijan Psychiatry Association with the support of the worldwide pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis.*

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