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пятница, июль 25, 2008

Azerbaijan’s energy security ‘strengthening’


Azerbaijan is strengthening by the year its energy security that is considered part of the country’s national security, an energy executive says.

22 billion KWt/hr of electricity was produced in the South Caucasus republic in 2007, with production to reach 25 billion KWt/hr by 2013, vice-president of the state-owned energy producer, Azerenergy, said.

Marlen Asgarov said construction of power plants will be completed by the year-end in the country’s third largest city, Sumgayit, in the central Shirvan district and in Sangachal, an area close to the capital Baku. The operations will be carried out by the country itself under major projects.

Asgarov said a state program for 2009-2015 on bolstering Azerbaijan’s energy security was currently in the making. It envisions generation of over 50bn KWt/hr of electric power.*

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