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пятница, октябрь 24, 2008

Minister dismisses teacher stabbing linked to bribery


Education Minister Misir Mardanov has dismissed allegations that the stabbing of a teacher at the Baku College of Finance on Monday was caused by a bribe.

Mardanov told reporters Tuesday that the ministry had immediately scrutinized circulating reports about the instructor’s killing and some reports linking it to bribery were proven to have no merit.

“This incident is very unfortunate for the field of education,” the minister said. “Yesterday, I was personally involved throughout the day in scrutinizing it, and spoke about that student with the college’s administration. What we found out was that the student had no problems with studies at all.”

Mardanov went on to say that it was implausible that the teacher had sought a bribe from the student, considering that the exam session, the time at the end of the semester when students take exams and credit-tests, is not currently under way. He added, however, that there were motives underlying the crime and they would be scrutinized in the course of investigation.

Sabir Khuduyev, head of the College’s Finance and Tax Department, was stabbed to death on Monday morning. The student who killed him has been detained. The Khatai district police department is working to establish motives of the crime.*

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