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пятница, апрель 20, 2001

Mayor claims presidential go-ahead


Since being appointed as Mayor of Baku in late January, Hajibala Abutalibov has ordered to raze over 25,000 structures he believes were illegally built. Addressing his first news conference Thursday, the new mayor said the process would last until all of such buildings are destroyed. This having been done, Baku will assume the appearance it had in the 80s, he said.

Mr. Abutalibov told journalists that the destroyed buildings also included some privatized ones. Most of such structures were erected in non-habitable places, over underground water or gas pipelines, and will, therefore, be razed, he said.

Some 200 illegal buildings surrounding the Boyuk Shor lake will be demolished too, the mayor said. Touching upon sharp public outrage caused by the mayor’s actions, he said the damage incurred by the population would be reimbursed by those who sanctioned their construction.

In conclusion, the Mayor said the President was aware of the changes he had launched and fully approves them.*

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100 лет Арону Израилевичу
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