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понедельник, май 14, 2001

Role of private schools in training of businessmen discussed


The need for qualified personnel to develop national entrepreneurship, the level of training of specialists at private schools and taxation related matters were discussed at the Entrepreneurship Confederation of Azerbaijan Monday. The round-table, “Role of private higher education schools in the process of preparation of professional specialists for a market economy”, was attended by the honorary chairman of the Confederation Mahmud Mammadguliyev, its president Alakbar Mammadov, chairman of the permanent commission of the Milli Mejlis on science and education Shahlar Asgarov, deputy minister for education Elmar Gasimov, executives of state-owned and private institutions, etc.

Speakers pointed to the inclination of entrepreneurs to mediating and commercial activities (65.8% of all businessmen were engaged in these two last year) and quality of education of private educational institutions. Calls were made to exempt them from the 18% VAT and profit tax.

There are 18 registered private schools in Azerbaijan.*

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