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понедельник, сентябрь 24, 2001

Cultural monuments along Silk Route being studied


The ongoing rehabilitation of the ancient Silk Route has necessitated restoration of the numerous historical and architectural monuments along the route. A group of American historians and archaeologists from San Diego University (California) was in Azerbaijan from September 14 till 18 to travel, together with representatives of the Azerbaijan Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, to Shamkir, Salyan and other provinces to carry out researches along the Kura River.

The group investigated ancient and medieval settlements being attributed to Bandavan monuments in the Shirvan steppe. In the Narin Gala fort, located in the valley of the Shamkir River, the scholars discovered valuable archaeological materials – ceramic and metal articles. Archaeologists believe that Narin Gala and remnants of a city surrounding it are a wonderful historical source of medieval culture. The research along the Kura River discovered settlements and diggings dating back to the 11th-1st centuries B. C.

Different archaeological materials, particularly the remains of holy places in Garajamirli, have also been found on the right bank of the Kura.

Following subsequent consultations, archaeologists unanimously agreed that the monuments represent tremendous historical importance and need more in-depth research. It has been decided to carry out a comprehensive archaeological investigation of the area in August-September 2002. The work will be funded by the Institute of Global Conflicts under San Diego University.*

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