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пятница, февраль 1, 2002

Parliament’s spring session starts


The Milli Majlis, the Azerbaijan parliament, started its spring session Friday, as speaker Murtuz Alasgarov said in his opening remarks that the parliament had passed 76 drafts, a constitution law on Ombudsman, amended 38 laws and ratified 7 international covenants in its previous session.

Reminding that February 24 will see the anniversary of the Sumgayit developments, when Azeris deported from Armenia caused disorders provoked by Armenians, the speaker proposed to include the issue into the agenda and give it a political assessment.

MPs Igbal Agazadeh and Fazail Agamali suggested that the Garabagh conflict and the Khojali genocide be tabled, but the speaker responded that the issues had always been in the parliament’s limelight.

The parliamentarians made changes to the composition of some permanent commissions, ratified the agreement “On international automobile transport” signed by Azerbaijan and Latvia, the agreements between Azerbaijan and Byelorussia “On taxation principles for export and import” and “On cooperation on attestation of highly-qualified scientific and teaching personnel”.*

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