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суббота, февраль 23, 2002

First web magazine on volcanoes


The first issue of the quarterly “Mud volcanism” web magazine in a series of the “Earth science” of the National Academy of Sciences has been placed on Internet pages.

According to chief editor of the magazine, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Adil Aliyev, the English magazine incorporates a staff of 11 scholars from different countries, such as Russia, the Ukraine, the UK and Netherlands.

It aims to join the experience of researches into mud volcanoes of various countries and coordinate future work. It is also designed to update on the latest volcanic developments.

The magazine features achievements of Azeri and other scholars in studying mud volcanoes and some noteworthy facts. The second issue will be dedicated to offshore mud volcanoes.

The publication is available at the official site of the Geology Institute under the Academy of Sciences.*

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