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пятница, апрель 12, 2002

Azeri, Russian space agencies to sign for co-op


The Azerbaijan National Airspace Agency (ANAA) and the Russian Agency for Space Researches (RASR) are expected to sign an agreement in the months to come, ANAA general director Arif Mehdiyev told AssA-Irada Friday.

In his words, the ANAA has expanded cooperation with a number of international organizations, forging ties with the European Airspace Agency and EXATO. Azerbaijan is expected to take part in the “Launch of the Silk Road Satellite” project.

The national agency focuses on land surveys on space-related data and proposals on introduction of the outcomes in industries. The project “Mapping of plant cover and terrestrial resources through remote sounding” implemented jointly with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization completed last year.

The ANAA drew 38 area and thematic electronic maps based on space photos in 1998, which could be useful for agriculture, A. Mehdiyev said.

There is no alternative map in the world to show the territories, climates, soils, geographical and physical data of countries.*

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