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Azeri President elected IAS Honorary Academician


President Aliyev of Azerbaijan was elected Honorary Academician of the International Academy of Sciences (IAS) in the third ceremonial meeting of its Azerbaijan Section at the Hyatt Regency Hotel of Baku Friday. The President was awarded for his contribution to the development of science and education.

A diploma, a golden badge and a letter were forwarded to Elchin Khalilov to confer the President. Also getting these items were 23 IAS members from Azerbaijan.

Attending the ceremony were IAS President Walter Koffler, from Austria, President of the National Academy of Sciences Mahmud Karimov, IAS Academician, co-President of the Azerbaijan Section Elchin Khalilov and others.

Azerbaijan is the second country to Russia to be admitted to the IAS in November of last year, Elchin Khalilov told AssA-Irada Friday. According to him, scientific progress in Azerbaijan made it possible for the country to become a member of the academy, which unites 120 Nobel Prize Laureates from 80 nations.

The IAS was set up in 1985 by an Austrian scientist, Twofold Nobel Prize Laureate Leinus Polling with a view to coordinate scientists all over the world.*

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