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пятница, март 9, 2001

Time orders AssA-Irada establishment


It has been ten years in early March since the Azerbaijan International Independent Information Agency, “AssA-Irada” issued its first regular daily bulletins, elaborating on the latest political, economic, cultural and other developments in Azerbaijan. The agency managed to break through the information blockade by the former Soviet Union to outer information space despite the stringent control of KGB and other repressive bodies.

Then, Azerbaijan had no direct information communication with the world community, as the only access to the international community was via TASS, AzerInform and scanty papers. Thus, the country was in information blockade and domestic developments were being presented in a distorted manner by hostile forces to the world. These circumstances necessitated establishment of an independent news agency.

After being established, “AssA-Irada” forged communications with world information giants, such as Reuters, France Press, EFE, Asahi, Kyodo Susin, etc, while on May 3, 1991, the New York Times published the first information provided by the agency.

“AssA-Irada” started issuing bulletins on what was going on in Azerbaijan and Upper Garabagh in particular in Russian and English and was the first to bring the Khojali carnage to the international spotlight.

Our agency adheres to international press principles: impartial and unbiased information and has no bearing to any political or economic entities. This may have been the reason why the agency was awarded the 14th International European “For quality” award (New Millennium Award), founded by the “Office” publishing group in cooperation with Paris Club of Trade Leaders, in early July, 2000.

Nowadays, “AssA-Irada” is spreading its information through Internet and e-mail. Despite financial constraints, the agency keeps abiding by its core principle of providing the world public with unbiased information.*

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