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Все записи | Arts & Culture
среда, июнь 25, 2003

Arts & Culture


Azeri, Ecuadorian musicians to release joint album
A joint Salam Hola concert project with Azerbaijani and Ecuadorian musicians will be carried on, as the first concert held at the Republican Palace of Baku last October held the interest of the audience.
The organizer and initiator of the concert, composer Siyavus Karimi has told AssA-Irada the second concert will be arranged after its financial problems are settled, as    organizational expenses for the first concert constituted 10,000 US dollars (traveling expenses for Ecuadorian musicians, their accommodation and organization of the concert).
Mr. Karimi said that talks on release of a music album of the Salam-Hola national music project are underway in England. The album will contain national songs in the performance of Arif Babayev, Agaxan Abdullayev, Alim Qasimov, Zabit Nagizada, Polad Bulbuloglu, Ilqar Muradov and Nazpari Dostaliyeva.
Siyavush Karimi underlined that similar projects would be developed with Indian and Japanese musicians in the pipeline.

Saudi embassy donates computers to Culture Foundation
Saudi Ambassador Ali Hasan Jafar presented to Director of the Azerbaijani State Culture Foundation  Kamal Abdulla two advanced computer sets, donated by the Saudi International Islamic Youth Assembly.
Addressing the ceremony Kamal Abdulla thanked the Ambassador on behalf of the Foundation, which is engaged in assisting elder culture and art figures of Azerbaijan, wishing for more expanded cooperation in future. Mr. Abdulla appealed to the Ambassador to mediate in the establishment of ties between the Foundation and Saudi international humanitarian organizations. 
The Saudi Ambassador, in his turn, assessed current cooperation as the beginning of future cultural bonds, reaffirming the ancient historic relationship between Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan. Mr. Jafar noted it is impossible to separate Azerbaijan from the Islamic culture, as he is well familiar with culture of this country.    
The gift by the Association will be installed at the editorial office of the Ruh newspaper, the Foundation's publication, that is engaged in enlightening the activities of elder culture and art figures with a view to raise public awareness in this sphere.

Old City's portrait in photos, documents
An exhibition, Social Portrait of the Old City: From Past to Present, will open at the Center of Miniature Art on Friday. Jointly organized by the Union of Azerbaijani Artists and the Old City community, the show will display over 500 photos and documents about the residents of the Old City dating from the 19th - 20th centuries.   
Representative of the Old City community Adil Alakbarov has told AssA-Irada the exhibition to last till July 7 is intended to draw public attention to the social history of the Old City and restoration of life traditions, as well as outstanding problems.

Germany, France arrange joint concert
A grand concert, Music Holiday, with musicians of different genres was arranged in front of the Baku Music Academy on June 21. Jointly organized by the German and French embassies in Baku the concert comes as part of a culture program to mark the 40th anniversary of signing of the Elysees Treaty between Germany and France. Music Holiday was organized in several world countries on the same day.

Ukrainian soloist to perform
The Ukrainian honored artist, renowned opera soloist Tatyana Galina is scheduled to give a concert at the Chamber and Organ Music Hall (COMH) in Baku on July 3. Accompanying her will be Azerbaijan State String Quartet. The COMH has told AssA-Irada that works by Azerbaijani, Russian and West European composers will be performed in the event.

Second unknown film festival
The second unknown films festival is held in Baku on June 24-30.
Senior Department of Films under the Culture Ministry has told AssA-Irada the festival to demonstrate 36 documentaries, animations and movies started at the Araz Cinema.  The annual festival targets revealing the films that have not been demonstrated  so far due to different reasons.

Winners of Little Miss Baku contest for US
Four winners of a beauty contest, Little Miss Baku, organized by the Azerbaijan Fashion Association at the Cultural Center after Sahriyar on June 22, have qualified to represent Azerbaijan in the Little Miss World contest to be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, on July 20-27. The winners were selected in four age categories (4-7. 7-9, 10-12, and 13-15 respectively), Natavan Haciyeva, Tamilla Hasanzada, Lala Habibova, and Alina Ibrahimova get a chance to tour the United States. Boys also competed for Little Mister Baku, the best four were awarded with prizes.

Vocalist to join int'l contest
Soloist of the Azerbaijani Opera and Ballet Theater, Fidan Haciyeva, will join the international contest of young vocalists in Italy early in August.
Ms. Haciyeva has told AssA-Irada the contestants will gain an opportunity to attend master classes organized at the Kidcano Music Academy.
Fidan Haciyeva ranked first place in the annual contest last year.

Restoration of courthouse
The Culture Ministry will inaugurate the Court-house, a part of the Shirvansahs' Palace historical complex of the 15th century in July following completion of restoration work worth of 685,766 US dollars.
A source from the Ministry has told AssA-Irada the Italian company Artorestauro conducted restoration work, repairing the roof, preserving stone for anti-corrosion.

Seven Colorful Butterflies to tour Potsdam
Students of the Seven Colorful Butterflies Studio under the Union of Azerbaijani Artists will put around 10 works on display at the Potsdam Art School in Germany in October. Head of the Studio Inna Kostina has told AssA-Irada the youngest artists studying at the Studio aged between 3 and 15 will also tour to Germany.

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