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понедельник, февраль 5, 2007

Nara presents: Little Miss Sunshine

aвтор: Nara


Peace on Earth

Жанр: драма, комедия
Производство: США
Год выпуска: 2006
Продолжительность: 101 мин

Режиссер: Джонатан Дэйтон/Jonathan Dayton, Валери Фарис/Valerie Faris
В ролях: Эбигейл Бреслин/Abigail Breslin, Грег Киннер/Greg Kinnear, Пол Дано/Paul Dano, Алан Аркин/Alan Arkin, Тони Коллетт/Toni Collette

Little Miss Sunshine is a movie about dreams. Actually, it is about people who have to deal with death of their dreams and at the same time are able to pull together to fulfill a dream of a little 7 year old girl who wants to be Miss America.
Everyone dreams about different things. The mother wants a happy family, father  is the next motivational guru wannabe. The grandpa is rebel without a cause, brother is dreaming becoming a test pilot and nothing will make uncle Frank happier than to be recognized as a distinguished scholar. And then, there is Olive, for whom all of the above give up their dreams to make one happen.
The movie is supposed to give you hope and may almost qualify as a tearjerker but you find yourself thanking the skies above you don't recognize yourself and can't relate to any of the characters. It is almost believable story about dysfunctional family (is there such a thing?) struggling, trying and losing and somehow winning in the end. But reality is nothing like that. Yes, there are moments that are touching, (when the brother learns he can't become a test pilot and refuses to get back in the car) and you almost want to believe it is possible to build such a strong bond over a such short period of time... but I don't believe.
For those who didn't see a movie yet, I don't want to give up a the whole story ( I hate when other people do it to me). Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I watch again? No. Why cry over broken dreams that are not even mine?

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